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General Electric Bo-Bo Narrow Gauge Diesel Electric Locomotives for Sale

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GE Bo-Bo narrow gauge diesel electric locomotives for sale Built 1973 Romic are pleased to offer for sale three of these well proven 700hp General Electric narrow gauge (1,067mm) mixed traffic diesel electric locomotives.

Fitted with Caterpillar D-379 prime mover, DC 6 pole GE 5GT-601C1 main generator, Schwitzer 4ME 455 turbocharger and four GE 5GE-778AI DC 4 pole traction motors these locomotives produce a peak tractive effort of 108kN. Braking is provided by 28-LV-1 locmotive brakes, with a dynamic brake peak effort of 85kN 14km/h, a locomotive brake force of 60% ratio at 345kPa (50psi) brake cylinder pressure and 850 litres (220 US gal) main train brake reservoir.

Locomotives are fitted with a vigilance control system; and are capable of multiple working (up to 3 locomotives).

Shipping, Engineering & Finance?

Romic are able to provide assistance with shipping and export, engineering and modification and financing.

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Finance available, subject to bank approval, on new and re-manufactured locomotives and new freight wagons.

Terms apply. Please contact us for further information.

Detailed Specification

Type: Locomotive - Mixed Traffic Transmission: Diesel Electric Diesel engine (make/model): Caterpillar D-379 Transmission (make/model): Double reduction 13,68/1 gear ratio Main generator (make/model): DC 6 pole GE 5GT-601C1 Traction motors (make/model): GE 5GE-778AI DC 4 pole Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo Specification: UIC Maximum speed: 50 km/h (31 mph) Power: 520 kW (700 hp) Starting tractive effort: 108 kN (24,000 lbf) Continuous tractive effort: 86 at 15km/h kN (19,000 at 9.3mph lbf) Multiple working: Up to 3 Build year: 1973 Maker: General Electric Quantity produced: 20 Quantity offered: 3 Gauge: 1067 mm Length over buffers: 10580 mm Width: 2564 mm Overall weight: 44 tonnes Axle load: 12 tonnes Fuel capacity: 1,600 L (350 gallons - UK) Brake manufacturer: 28-LV-1