G8 Bo-Bo Diesel Electric Rebuilt Freight Locomotives for Sale

G8 diesel-electric locomotives for sale

Rebuilt 2006 Romic are pleased to offer for sale a number of these well proven and well maintained 950hp diesel-electric locomotives.

Single drivers cab (both ends leading), air conditioned.

Drawbar capacity of 1.3MN.

Shipping, Engineering & Finance?

Romic are able to provide assistance with shipping and export, engineering and modification and financing.

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Finance available, subject to bank approval, on new and re-manufactured locomotives and new freight wagons.

Terms apply. Please contact us for further information.

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Detailed Specification

Type: Locomotive - Freight Transmission: Diesel Electric Diesel engine (make/model): EMD-8-567C Main generator (make/model): EMD D25E Traction motors (make/model): EMD D29 Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo Specification: UIC Maximum speed: 100 km/h Power: 710 kW (950 hp) Starting tractive effort: 169 kN Continuous tractive effort: 150 kN Build year: 1955 - 1968 Maker: Southern Shorthaul Railroad Quantity produced: 6 Quantity offered: - Gauge: 1435 mm Length over buffers: 13400 mm Overall weight: 69 tonnes Axle load: 17.25 tonnes Fuel capacity: 3410 L Brake manufacturer: B7


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