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Standard Gauge 200 km/h Diesel Trainsets for Sale

4-car intercity diesel multiple unit for sale Unit shown is an example of units available and is offered subject to prior sale.

These modern 4-car DMU train sets are ideal for regional services; or high speed rail link between a city and an airport.

Believed to be less than 10 to 12 years old, these DMU train sets are in very good working order and have been maintained to a very high standard to ensure they meet the day to day demands of a modern rail network with precise timetabling.

Powered by four low-emission 20-litre Iveco V8 diesel engines. Maximum speed is 200 km/h (120mph).

The units are built from light aluminium allows, each trainset weighs 140 - 160 tonnes, with a fully operational weight (including diesel, water, etc.) of 170 tonnes.

Up to four trainsets can be coupled together into a single train. However, it is recommended these DMU are used as a four car train set only to ensure maximum reliability.

These units were styled by the Italian design company Pininfarina, and both the exterior and interior styling demonstrate a high level of design and quality materials.

Internally these trainsets are fully air conditioned, are equipped with audio/video information systems, seat reservation displays and a lounge area, and have a total seating capacity of 204.

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Rail Engineering Solutions LLC are able to provide assistance with shipping and export, engineering and modification and financing.

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Finance available, subject to bank approval, on new and re-manufactured locomotives and new freight wagons.

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Detailed Specification

Type: Multiple Unit - DMU Usage: Inter-city Number of cars: 4 Number of power cars: 2 Number of trailer cars: 2 Number of engines per unit: 1 Transmission: Diesel Mechanical Diesel engine (make/model): Iveco 20l V8 Wheel arrangement: Bogie Specification: UIC Maximum speed: 200 km/h (124 mph) Power: 2,240 kW (3,004 hp) Build year: 2005 - 2013 Maker: AnsaldoBreda Quantity produced: 82 Quantity offered: 11 Gauge: 1,435 mm (4'8.5") Car length: 19,000 (intermediate cars) / 24,000 (end cars) mm (62'4 1/16" (intermediate cars) / 78’8 7/8” (end cars)) Unit length: 86,5300 mm (283'10 11⁄16") Width: 3,150 mm (10'4") Height: 4,200 mm (13'9 3/8") Overall weight: 160 tonnes Train brakes: Air Coupler type: Sharfenberg Passenger accommodation: Mixed Seating capacity: 204


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